It is with a sad but grateful heart that we announce the closing of Villa Veritas ("The Villa") after 50 years of love and service.

Sad....because the past tough years have shown us our time has come to "let go and let God".

Grateful ...for 50 years of touching and helping 5 generations of the addicted and their families find help and hope. We saw people flourish with our evidence based 12 step abstinence program and today we still see the results in their celebrations of recovery and find their children and grandchildren finding help sooner. As we learned it is a family disease and family recovery. And TREATMENT DOES WORK!

When Jim passed away 6 years ago our dedicated staff helped carry on his legacy through the challenges of COVID, economic changes and obstacles never before encountered. With the grace of God and an awesome staff we gracefully close a 50 year era and move on to help in a new way, yet to be revealed.

We thank our Mom's, our families, friends, staff past and present. We thank the Dominican Sisters especially Mary Ann and Peggy, for the opportunity to begin the Villa on their grounds of St. Joseph's May 1973!

We moved to Kerhonkson in our beloved Ulster County which we love and thank the community for all these years of support and encouragement! I truly love our local neighbors and businesses who have become treasured friends, advisors and encouraging supporters, helping each other through tough times, thank you!

We close on the wings of Jim Cusack and the hundreds of staff who believed in our mission, and know we are being led to new beginnings.
I grieve the loss of a field as I knew it and must move on to our next chapter. I grieve the loss of our staff who are truly family and pray they find new hope and know I'm always here for them. This is the toughest part of our closing.

I don't know what the next chapter holds but all I have to do is reflect on how good God has been in planning my last 81 years...from Moms holy Water in my scotch to the love of my life Jim to a 50 year mission and I'm in awe of the future!
If we survived the Flu in the 70's, flourishing times in the 80's and 90's, the tragedy of 9/11, and most recently COVID and the drastic continuing economic effect on the businesses, so many changes in our society and values, then He will carry us through! We must TRUST in Him and the process, let go and let God and calmly "go with the flow". We must also follow my soulmate Jim's advice "ENJOY THE TRIP"

Please keep in touch through, Facebook, email, texting and snail mail! Please keep us in your prayers and you will always be in ours.

Love Sue and your Villa family

PS. Me and my Villa family of Les, Lenny and Mary will remain living here on the Villa grounds and transition the future together along with a few staff. We also plan some open house events through the holidays and will keep you posted.

Now accepting MVP & CDPHP Medicaid

We celebrate the life and continue the legacy of Jim Cusack

Sue & The Villa Family

Now double the HOPE.....two soulmate books available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Now double the HOPE.....two soulmate books available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Proceeds go to Villa scholarship fund

Mailing Address (for correspondence): PO Box 610 Kerhonkson, NY 12446
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