In the mid-1970’s we welcomed our first Icelandic alcoholic for treatment at Villa Veritas Foundation. He returned home sober and pleased with his newfound way of life, and his fellow countrymen and women were so impressed with his success that many hundreds more came to the Villa to obtain what he had found in sobriety. Within a few years these folks had a tremendous influence on changing the attitude of their nation towards addiction and recovery. They invited Jim Cusack to Iceland to teach and help them develop their own treatment centers, which have been very successful.
In the mid-1980’s a group of Russian doctors, psychologists, teachers and other professionals spent three months at the Villa and Sullivan County Community College to learn all they could about the disease and treatment of alcoholism and addiction. Soon after returning home, they invited Villa staff to visit Russia to provide teaching and training.
We are currently hosting and training interns from Denmark and other countries. We are hoping the Internet will open up many more avenues of mutual sharing and learning worldwide.
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