Men’s Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Programs

Men’s Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Programs

The men’s alcohol and drug addiction recovery program at Villa Veritas Foundation maintains an environment conducive to the overall goal of abstinence. The Villa offers a home style atmosphere conducive to a person’s sense of belonging and well being. The essential segment of the men’s alcohol and drug recovery program is the client’s understanding of their addiction, his family and their problems. It is essential to involve all clients in recovery therapy and other group activities to break down isolation and alcohol and drug addiction denial and encourage open and honest communication.

Utilizing the Most Effective Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Program

Villa Veritas Foundation utilizes the 12-Step philosophy, the most effective long-term recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction treatments.

The addiction recovery program employs:

  • group therapy
  • group discussions
  • individual addiction counseling sessions
  • lectures
Our men’s drug and alcohol program is “variable length of stay” — the length of the addiction recovery program is based on the needs of each individual client. We work in conjunction with EAP coordinators, agencies, etc.

Men’s Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Program General Information

The philosophy of Villa Veritas Foundation is a non-permissive approach to the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Our addiction recovery program is geared to assisting the addicted men to use self-discipline in all their behavior both here and in the future.

Structured living is a strong support of our recovery program goal. Understanding and Acceptance of the disease of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is started in educational sessions.

Good nutrition supports good physical health

Nutrition can be used as an adjunct to aid in physical, emotional, and mental recovery. Villa Veritas Foundation offers a low fat, moderate protein, high complex carbohydrate diet which can aid in the promotion of sobriety. The staff believes healthy eating patterns and healthy lifestyle choices helps establish a foundation for continued sobriety.

Creative Arts Workshops

Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc. has recently introduced Creative Arts Workshops into its Women’s Treatment Program as a means of addressing the holistic approach to healing and 12-Step Recovery. All clients are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities including sketching, painting, collage, knitting and crocheting to help with concentration, coordination, and finding a connection with a Higher Power through creative inspiration. Participants work individually and as part of a team to develop talents and skills which help them re-establish self-confidence and regain self-esteem.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is required at all scheduled recovery program activities.

FITNESS PROGRAM: Walking / Swimming / Yoga.

MAIL: Mail is delivered and posted everyday except Sunday and designated holidays.  Bring stamps and writing materials with you.
PHONE CALLS: Permitted at designated times.

VISITING: After you have been in the residence recovery program for eight days, family members may visit on Sunday. Visiting is limited to 2 immediate family members. Visitors must attend the educational sessions which are presented each Sunday and are asked not to bring food of any kind or supplies not approved.

All visitors must sign in. Plan to arrive at 11:00am.  Visiting is until 2:00 p.m.

For further information about the men’s alcohol and drug addiction recovery program admissions and other programs, please email us at or call 845-626-3555.