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2010 Year in ReviewJames Cusack Received 2010 NY Govenor’s Achievement Award

Villa Veritas Foundation 2010 Winter EditionTop-Ranking Professionals in Field of Chemical Dependency Honored at Villa Veritas Foundation’s 36th Annual Dinner Dance

Foundation’s 36th Annual PicnicStories and pictures from the annual Villa Veritas Foundation picnic, and Jim gets surprised (again)

Villa Veritas Foundation Celebrates Jim Cusack’s 80th Birthday!In this Summer 2009 addition, The Villa celebrates founder, Jim Cusack’s, 80th birthday and acknowledges his achievements over the years

35th Anniversary at the VillaVilla celebrates 35th anniversary

Keeping Passion in the Field of Addiction!(Summer 2008)
By Francis Lovell

One of the challenges working in the field for many years is keeping the passion alive in our work with alcoholics and drug addicts.

Over the years when looking at all the alternative treatment modalities that have been developed Alcoholics Anonymous was getting lost in the shuffle.

(Winter 2007)
By Jim Cusack and Francis Lovell

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) has announced in a past newsletter that a study had been done that indicates Twelve Step Programs are consistent with the science of alcoholism and addiction.

(Summer 2007)Over 35 million smokers try to quit every year, yet less reach their one-year anniversary. It is a rare person who wakes up and spontaneously throws their cigarettes out and never smokes again. Nicotine’s powerful grip on smokers effects their body , mind and habits, and these aren’t changed easily…

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