Jim's Gym Now Open!

Our design and construction team by Aaron Swan, with Lenny , George Patterson and Lou Senor proudly re-created what was once an indoor pool into a state of the art gym with some of favorite machines, plus some that were generously donated.

Social Interaction Skills & Recreational Activities Programs

Standard to all dependency treatment planning at Villa Foundation is the focus on improved social skills and the positive use of free time in recreational activities. Learning to use free time wisely is a skill needed by all people in the early days of recovery.Villa Foundation, set on over 100 acres of beautiful rural countryside, offers daily social skills and recreational activities such as swimming, walking, arts and crafts and plenty of board games and puzzles.

Encouraging Social Interaction

Social interaction within each of the separate fellowships (men with men, women with women) is fostered to help create the atmosphere of trust and fellowship needed for the spiritual and emotional healing from chemical dependency.
For further information on our chemical dependency treatment programs please email us at admissions@villaveritas.org.



Despite the common misconception that yoga is a form of exercise, the practice is much more than just a workout. This ancient discipline originated in India, and the word "yoga" means "to yoke" or "unite". Yoga helps unite body and mind. Yoga teaches you how to relax and release tension, as well as helping to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight ones. It also helps balance and integrate mind, body, and spirit, to enhance energy flow and stimulate the body's own natural healing processes. As a powerful form of mind-body medicine, yoga approaches health in a holistic manner, recognizing that physical ailments also have emotional and spiritual components. At its heart, yoga is a comprehensive system for self-development and transformation.