Senior Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

The residential elderly substance abuse treatment program designed for senior alcoholics – chemically dependent folks, is one of the unique features of Villa Veritas Foundation. Residential substance abuse recovery programs for elderly are offered by very few facilities.

These seniors make their home at Villa Veritas Foundation and enjoy a productive and active life with people of all ages. The Villa is their home and family. These elderly are treated by the Villa staff and the clients as an extended family—surrogate grandparents, aunts and uncles—and offer an example of sober living to all who come in contact with them.

Good nutrition supports good physical health

Nutrition can be used as an adjunct to aid in physical, emotional, and mental recovery.  Villa Veritas Foundation offers a low fat, moderate protein, high complex carbohydrate diet which can aid in the promotion of sobriety.  The staff believes healthy eating patterns and healthy lifestyle choices helps establish a foundation for continued sobriety.
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Comments from a member of the Senior Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program:

Comments from a member of the Senior Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program:

My name is Jack and I came to Villa Veritas Foundation after going to three other long term alcohol addiction treatment programs. I was not able to abstain from drinking until I came to Villa Veritas Foundation.

I went through the initial twenty eight day program and then went into the extended program. After a time period I went into the Residential Program and became a member of the staff.

It has been nearly six years since I first encountered the Villa and I might add – a miraculous six years. I also am happy to call Villa Veritas Foundation my home. In the course of the past six years I believe I have grown spiritually enough to know myself, to love that self and to forgive that self.

I have been given a wonderful gift – sobriety and an even greater mission – to help the alcoholic and the addict to find the peace that I have been given.