Success Stories

Success Stories

Messages of Hope/Testimonials

“When I came to Villa Veritas Foundation, I was full of fear, despair and hopelessness. I had been in a score of rehabs and managed to stay sober for a few years. Somehow, I always returned to the drink. I had been going to Twelve Step meetings for over a decade, yet I never worked the program. “Half measures” availed me nothing. I had been educated about the disease of alcoholism and been given directions concerning the recovery process, yet I always relapsed. Feelings of shame and guilt consumed me. I was at the turning-off point. Then I came to the Villa. Here, I was given empathy and direction from the staff. The way that I felt about myself and society began to change. I now have faith, hope and a sense of optimism. I have much gratitude for all the Villa has given me.”

“After enjoying 9 years of sobriety, I suffered a relapse which took me to the depths of despair…beyond any I could have imagined. My addiction had such control of my life that I was unable to stop the downward spiral and it had to literally “be arrested” for me. When I was released from jail, I was admitted to Villa Veritas Foundation for treatment. I came to the Villa with no hope and was given an education with love and caring. The staff treated me with respect, patience and understanding. Villa Veritas Foundation was a safe haven where I could face my fears, my pain and my twisted alcoholic / addict attitudes. I started learning how to cope with reality. Sobriety, hope and serenity have become the foundation of my life.”

“Before coming to Villa Veritas Foundation, I had been battling alcohol in two different rehabilitation facilities over a period of four years. However, I had never heard that alcoholism is a disease. I could not understand why I couldn’t stop on my own. The Villa taught me how to start a process of loving myself, and separating me as a person from the disease. I know now that I am not a failure or that I “just don’t have enough willpower.” I have a disease that can be treated by following the Twelve Step Program. There is hope for me, and I am very grateful.”

“Villa Veritas Foundation has opened a new world of hope for me. I had been drinking and using drugs since I was ten years old. Through years of painful experience due to alcoholism, I lost hope for the future. Before, I was a person who feared life every day. The Villa has showed me a new freedom of living without drugs and alcohol.”