The Villa Today

The Villa is one of the few freestanding treatment facilities still “alive and well”.  Our Industrial Employee Assistance Programs are still going well and we are working with more and more self-insured programs (details available on request). Our Women’s Program (for women — by women) is very successful and the women appreciate the fact we have a totally separate unit and treatment program for them. Our Senior Residential Program is attracting more people and still helping the senior alcoholic find dignity, help and hope. Our Family Program is, as always, very involved in the healing process and helping families find new hope together. We are moving into the new millennium with the latest in computer technology and web development and outreach.

Our training and intern programs are very successful and growing in leaps and bounds as we train interns locally and internationally. This has proven to be a very pleasant experience for all.

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The Villa Tomorrow

As we look to the future we are committed to promoting the life-enhancing experiences which result from the gift of freedom and spiritual values gained by sobriety. We are also committed to perpetuating the legacy of recovery from the past and concentrating on the many success stories in recovery, rather than the failures. We believe that the recovered community as a whole will play an important role in the future of the country and the world.

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