Teletherapy and Facetime sessions are available for families and referrants.

Women's Alcohol & Chemical Dependency Treatment Program

The Women's alcohol and chemical dependency treatment program at Villa Veritas Foundation has the unique status of being one of the few women's programs in the field of chemical dependency that is designed for and administered by women.

The treatment center is housed on it's freestanding unit and separate from the men's fellowship. The program, developed by Suzanne Boylston Cusack (author of Women and Relapse) focuses on the special problems of women.

Structure of Women's Treatment Program

By its structure, the alcohol & chemical dependency program allows women full freedom to delve deeply into issues of women and addiction without the distractions and dynamics of male/female relationships that occur in other treatment settings. The women's program is profoundly effective in helping women to share, release and heal from the problems and traumas of their past lives and active chemical dependency. The women's spiritual retreat provides a holistic healing environment for spiritual growth for women.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is recognized and dealt with as an integral part of our overall treatment program. As these issues are raised they are treated in an appropriate manner based on individual needs and assessments.

Good nutrition supports good physical health

Nutrition can be used as an adjunct to aid in physical, emotional, and mental recovery. Villa Veritas Foundation offers a low fat, moderate protein, high complex carbohydrate diet which can aid in the promotion of sobriety. The staff believes healthy eating patterns and healthy lifestyle choices helps establish a foundation for continued sobriety.

Creative Arts Workshops

Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc. has recently introduced Creative Arts Workshops into its Women's Treatment Program as a means of addressing the holistic approach to healing and 12-Step Recovery. All clients are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities including sketching, painting, collage, knitting and crocheting to help with concentration, coordination, and finding a connection with a Higher Power through creative inspiration. Participants work individually and as part of a team to develop talents and skills which help them re-establish self-confidence and regain self-esteem.
For further information about admissions to this and other programs, please email us at admissions@villaveritas.org or call 845-626-3555.

This is a letter written to Villa Veritas Foundation from a former women client:

I have to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at Villa Veritas Foundation. I didn't go to the Villa kicking and screaming. I had been dry for 5 days and finally wanted to rid myself of the chaos in my life. What I didn't know was that when you detoxify your body, you detoxify your brain as well, and along with that detoxification comes the peace and serenity one needs to exist properly in this world.

Thank God I didn't have any legal problems or hadn't lost my house but the things that I had lost were much more important than that. They were the trust of my loved ones, self respect and self esteem.

This new journey in my life has been positive, educational and mentally challenging and is the result of my stay at the Villa. All of you gave me the tools to live again and with the work of my mind, body and spirit, in unison, I will continue to strive to achieve great things in my life.

Your staff have helped me in so many ways that I don't know how to thank them. My daughters were relieved that God put me in your hands, because your employees have made a huge impact in all our lives. My children thank all of you for returning their mother to them because the once wonderful caring person who got lost in that greedy world... has returned.

My youngest daughter is now a major player in Al-Anon. They both enjoyed their "Family Weekend" and share about it all the time in their own meetings. It has changed our lives immensely. We are looking forward to returning to the Villa, as a family and sharing the positive experiences that have taken in our lives since my sobriety.

These words, THANK YOU, aren't enough to show my appreciation and gratitude. It is a wonderful world out there and thank you again for allowing me to see it in a new light. If I can do anything for you or the program, feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Joanne C.